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Everyone of us ladies experiences something absolutely unique in pregnancy.
If you get a bunch of us together, we will certainly all go into great detail about how we have had different emotions, weird feelings, very strange cravings (I am embarrassed to tell you what mine was) and all at different times in our pregnancy too. But, all of these experiences lead to something truly special and worth while and those first few minutes when your precious one has finally entered in to the world and they are placed upon your chest, it is the absolute most intense and overwhelming experience you can ever imagine, and it is truly, truly magical.

So let's celebrate your pregnancy and your beautiful new bundle of joy, and book a photographic session.

For a bump' shoot, you will need to set aside at least 2 hours. We can go out on location and create some beautiful lifestyle portraits, or stay inside and create some unique boudoir images, or a mixture of both if you so wish.

For those precious newborn's, I visit you in your home, because you already have everything baby needs there. I normally spend up to 4 hours with you, working around sleeps, feeds and changes. Very calm, relaxed and unobtrusive.

Newborn Sessions should be booked in advance and normally for around 1 week after your due date.

How much does it cost?
Photographic sessions are £65 which covers the planning & preparation of the shoot, travel (within 30 miles), shoot time and post production to a very high standard. Session fees are required in advance to secure your date and are non-refundable, however if needed, can be transferable to another date.

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Bump Photrography